Product Theaters

2023 Product Theaters

Friday, January 20, 2023

7:00-7:30 a.m.

Crohn’s Disease Deep Dive

Exploring clinical and endoscopic endpoints for treatment for adults with moderately to severely active Crohn’s disease.

Supported by: AbbVie

7:45-8:15 a.m.

The Importance of Long-term Clinical Outcomes for Biologic Selection in Bio-naïve Patients

Supported by: Janssen Biotech, Inc.

10:00-11:00 a.m.

How Race Can Affect the Treatment and Diagnostic Journey in IBD

Join Dr. Marie Borum, a gastroenterologist with expertise treating patients from minority groups, and Melodie Narain-Blackwell, a Black patient with Crohn’s disease, for a discussion about disparities in diagnosis and healthcare resource utilization across racial and ethnic groups in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). This panel discussion aims to help raise awareness about current challenges and how they can be addressed with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Supported by: Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.

12:15-12:45 p.m.

UC Powerful Evidence

A therapy that can help deliver clinical remission and histologic and endoscopic outcomes for adult TNFi-IR patients with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. (TNFi=tumor necrosis factor inhibitor. IR=intolerance or inadequate response.)

Supported by: AbbVie

1:00-1:30 p.m.

Bowel Urgency in Ulcerative Colitis

Supported by: Eli Lilly

1:45-2:15 p.m.

Empowering Precision in IBD: An Evidence-Based Approach to Early Anti-TNF Optimization

Anti-TNFs are often first line therapies for inflammatory bowel disease and a patient’s first therapy is often their best therapy. Learn how precision-guided dosing offers guidance in how to adjust dosing strategies to increase the likelihood of achieving therapeutic targets in support of drug durability and sustained clinical remission.

Supported by: Prometheus Laboratories

Saturday, January 21, 2023

7:45-8:15 a.m.

Identifying and Treating Appropriate Moderate to Severe UC Patients

Please join Bristol Myers Squibb for a conversation on Identifying and Treating Appropriate Moderate to Severe UC Patients. The presentation will include an overview of a treatment option for ulcerative colitis and key efficacy and safety data from a phase 3 clinical trial and ongoing open-label extension trial.

Supported by: Bristol Myers Squibb

The Crohn’s & Colitis Congress® will host 3 CME-accredited satellite symposia. All symposiums will occur during breakfast or lunch times.



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Friday, Jan. 21

6–7:45 a.m.


Friday, Jan. 21

12:15–1:45 p.m.


Saturday, Jan. 22

6–7:45 a.m.


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